About Me

Welcome to my blog! 🙂 Myself ❤️ Kajal ❤️ I am a free spirit, a big foodie, a mad girl, a fashion and makeup lover, a bibliophile (yes! I reallyyy love books and I love to write), a daydreamer & a 22 years old normal girl from India. I love reading, writing, sleeping, eating, watching movies & music! I love MuSiC 🙂 Infact I would say I can’t live without MUSIC! ..Okay so here in this blog I will share my thoughts and some nice stuff. And I would like to discuss some issues that are important to me.

Thank you for taking the time to visit and I hope you return! 🙂

63 thoughts on “About Me

    • Hey Shikha, I love your blog 🙂 …Oh that’s nice, We’re neighbors 😀 *wink* *Big Smile* its really nice to see you here on my blog! 🙂 Yeah ofcourse 🙂 Thanks a lot….Stay happy, Much love…Keep visiting! 🙂


  1. Your Blog is cool Spirited Diva..Love the spirit as well 🙂 We kinda have stuff in common except for the make up part – am not into it, if I do I owe it to my sister who enjoys dolling me up 🙂 well cant wait to read more of your stuff..

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    • Hi, Thanks for your comment! 🙂 ..& Good question 🙂 Well honestly, I don’t know 😛 I write because I just love to write, it’s my passion and love for writing 🙂 but mostly I write about my endless thoughts 😉 I write everything that comes to my mind and everything that I see, sometimes it’s what I feel, sometimes it’s what I see…I can write about anything and everything I like, no matter how good or how terrible it is, I just want to write, write and write…That’s all! 🙂

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  2. Hi Kajal. :0) I wanted to thank you for popping by my place and I wanted to take the time to stop by yous as well. It’s great to meet you! Tomorrow my midterms are due, so it’s crazy right now! But, hope things are well with you and that you’re having a lovely evening. (Or morning? I’m halfway across the world…heheh.) 21, eh? (Sigh.) I remember being so young once. Soak it up! Before you know it; you’ll be in your 40’s- it’s amazing how fast it flies by! Take care. 😉 -Birgitta

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    • Hey Birgitta 🙂 Thank you so much for your comment and visiting my blog. I am so glad you’re here. Thanks! nice to meet you too 🙂 Oh I can understand, good luck, do well! 🙂 Yeah, I am doing good, hope you’re fine! 🙂 …Hahah actually no, I am 22 now 😛 ..yeah, I know I know time flies like a bird 😉 ..Well, I read your stories and seriously, you’re amazing person 🙂 I’m so proud of and inspired by you. I have great respect for you dear, because despite everything you’ve become such a wonderful person. I’ve also gone through some difficult times, my life wasn’t so kind with me but just like you I try now to make the best out of it 🙂 Really, I’ve learned so much from you, thanks for sharing your story! 🙂


  3. hello Kajal 🙂
    Came across your blog and “Hi” 🙂
    ** free spirit, a big foodie, a mad girl, a fashion and makeup lover, a bibliophile **
    that’s a lot to speak for !! 🙂
    Glad meeting you
    and happy blogging..!! 🙂

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  4. hi kajal welcome to the world of blog i know m bit late juz came across to ur blog … went through sum of ur post u have used the power of words so effectively that made me to thank u for making me to read such stuff ……hmm for u in local slang ek tarfa bawa 🙂 that what i can say keep writing

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