India’s Daughter -The Documentary…..It’s Painful! :(

INDIA’s DAUGHTER is the story of the short life, and brutal gang rape and murder in Delhi (India) in December 2012 of an exceptional and inspiring young woman. The rape of the 23 year old medical student by 6 men on a moving bus, and her death, sparked unprecedented protests and riots throughout India and led to the first glimmers of a change of mindset. Interwoven into the story line are the lives, values and mindsets of the rapists whom the film makers have had exclusive and unprecedented access to interview before they hang. The film examines the society and values which spawn such violent acts, and makes an optimistic and impassioned plea for change. While India’s daughter is banned in India, it aired on BBC 4 on Wednesday (4 March 2015) evening to UK audiences four days before it was originally scheduled.


The documentary is banned in India, it is the story of Jyoti Singh, the story of a daughter INDIA’S DAUGHTER!

I watched the Documentary of BBC about the Delhi Rape, named ‪India’s Daughter‬ it’s actually unbelievable. I was in pain, tears rolled out…..Really first time am feeling ashamed of being an Indian 😦 Where the world is going on…???? Still we are hearing some supporting words to the Rapist…What The Hell! Whoever questioning against the girl are definitely Not Human Beings. I am shocked to hear the remarks and examples given by the “Lawyers”  ML Sharma and AP Singh. Shame on these educated illiterates. What should actually be banned is this lunatic lawyer’s license to practice. How dare he say all those things…Shame on Him!!! ….And the most surprising is our Indian Government, yes! still our government won’t take action against them but investigating how the rapist gave interview to BBC….What a shame! 😦

I mean just look at the hypocrisy of today’s government, at one side they proclaim ‘BETI BACHAO, BETI PADHAO’ and on the other side they ban a documentary that shows the society a mirror of their silence, of their misdoings, of an injustice….SALUTE TO SUCH POLITICS, for them the image of a so called ‘SAFE COUNTRY is more than the life of a girl…!

I think, instead of banning this film we need to put an end to the sick mindset of all those people not only in India but through out the world, who think women are inferior to men and they don’t have the right to live life freely!!! ….Anyway, the whole point of this documentary was to show us what is wrong in our society and how we can try and prevent it. And as grown-ups, I feel we do have a little understanding of what is right and what is wrong!!! …I actually think that by banning the video they are just making it more important to watch….I know, It is disturbing and it is banned in india but still play around the world. Watch it and Judge for yourself if it was supposed to be banned…!

Happiness is…….

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Big questions…What is happiness?? It’s a feeling or something else? What makes you happy? Are you happy? …Some people seem to be happy, they just do not think about it….Others make plans and this keeps them occupied/happy and I am not one of them 😛 ….I am a happy person, I don’t need plans to be happy 😛 I love my life and I like to be happy, I like to being myself. 🙂 I believe, If we’re not happy, we can’t be happy with hardly anything. We cannot depend on others to make us happy…We must find hppiness within us, in our heart, in our life.

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I can’t define happiness in words, it’s a beautiful feeling for me. I actually believe that money does not guarantee happiness, it just makes life easier. Happiness is inside of us, we must live and learn to enjoy every moment of our life…Happiness is in everything you do, and you just have to accept it and believe that you are happy. Just love yourself, love who you are. There are billions people on earth but you are the only ONE….So love yourself and be your biggest fan, admirer and lover. 🙂

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I love Kareena Kapoor’s dialogue from Jab We Met:- “Main apni favourite hoon.” 😉 (I am my own favourite.) ….so just, be your favourite, be yourself. The best way to be happy is to do what you love and do lots of it. Also have a few really good friends you can laugh, complain, be stupid, be crazy, serious, funny and just be yourself no matter what! 🙂

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Today morning, when I was smiling, my neighbour saw me and she asked the reason, I just say because I love my life 😛 and I felt so. I think we don’t need reasons to be happy….Right? 🙂 but still if you really need reasons to be happy, so there are so many of them all around you. Starting with being alive, being healthy and etc. 🙂

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Few things which makes me happy (a short list 😛 )……

1. Being remembered by someone whom you had long forgotten. 🙂
2. Being given cute-sweet-adorable nicknames by friends. (Makes me feel like a child all over again!! 😀 )

3. Hearing you inspire me from someone.

4. Hearing you are a nice person from someone. 🙂

5. A perfect book with perfect coffee 😉

6. Listening to someone’s life story and suddenly feeling proud of where you have reached.

7. Looking back and smiling at all that was for you are thankful it isn’t.

8. Receiving surprise gifts and feeling the sender’s thoughts behind it as you hold the gift in your hands.

9. Trying something “so-unlike-you” and be complimented on it. 🙂

10. Doing what you heart says and feel content.

11. Being able to accept yourself the way you are – with all your perfect imperfections which make you YOU – uniquely YOU. 🙂

12. Falling in love all over again with LIFE, yourself and almost everything around you. ❤

13. Being able to sing after a long bout of cold and sounding wonderful. 😛

14. Spending the whole day looking at old photographs, recalls all the memories and reliving each moment.

15. Listening to a friend giggling like crazy and knowing you are reason behind it.

16. Going to sleep at night and waking up in the morning with a huge smile on your face reminding you how blessed you are! 🙂

In our eternal quest for happiness we forget the most important thing and that is HAPPINESS.

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I am happy because I love to be happy. I feel happy when I smile, laugh like crazy with my family and friends, see a rainbow, rain, stars, sky, river smell of coffee, a baby’s smile, music, books, chocolates etc. there are so many things around me to fill me up every day. Loving myself and seeing myself happy is one of the greatest feelings ever! 🙂 ❤ Friends just be happy, love your life, love yourself….and never give up, do what you love, good luck! 🙂

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“Life is funny. Things change, people change, but you will always be you, so stay true to yourself and never sacrifice who you are for anyone.”  🙂

Coffee Observation….


Just yesterday I was sitting at a coffee shop near my place. While sipping my coffee and reading a book, I took a glance at the world through the glass. I could hear almost nothing but I observed something I usually ignore….

I saw some guys sitting and laughing at their silly jokes….I saw some people running off to catch the next bus. I saw a guy smoking off his everyday worries into the air. I saw a couple snatching a moment from this world to a world of their own 🙂 The Punjabi Chooda (Bangles) on her hand showed how happily married they were. 🙂

Then I saw several other couples who were too much in love to care about anything going around, afterall it’s valentine week 😀 …Then I saw a child clinging on to her mom and nagging for a candy she wanted to buy…..

To sum it up, I saw a bit of myself in everyone. 🙂 I can’t even express it in words enough but it was a very beautiful moment. Somehow, sitting alone in a coffee shop never felt so good….Yeah! was totally my Happy Moment! 🙂

Well, I think, today is Propose Day 😛 Right? ..So Happy Propose Day friends 🙂 Enjoy….Keep spreading love ❤️ Have a nice Sunday ahead! 🙂

Girls are Special……


A Girl will Smile in Pain and Cry in Joy……

She will give up all her pleasures just for a smile for someone she loves 🙂
She will change 100 dresses and still won’t like any 😛
She will shout like maniacs and then cry like a little kid 😀
She would hug you & forget the World.. 🙂
She would be satisfied by a simple “I’m there..” 🙂

A Girl doesn’t need big things in life, She is happy with the small popcorn at the movie 😀 🙂 …So value the Girls in Your Life, be it your Mother, Sister, Grandmother, Girlfriend, Wife or a Best Friend….She has given her soul for your joy! 🙂

If you are a girl reading this, feel Proud to be one 🙂

And…If you are a Boy, Respect Girls and make them feel Proud!! 🙂

Just want to share my happiness :-D

Hey Everyone! 🙂 Happy new year once again 🙂 I hope everyone had a great time! 😀 ….Today I just want to share my happiness with you all 🙂 I had a wonderful new year’s eve with my family 😀 We cut the cake and celebrated a lot!!! It was soooooo nice 🙂 I enjoyed a lotttttttt 😀


Sorry the “NEW” is missing 😛 but anyways the cake was soooooo delicious 😛 Just YUM 😀


And I got my Ferrero Rocher 😀 #MyFavouriteChocolates 😛
Really it was fun! 🙂

Take care friends 🙂 Have a great 2015 🙂 Love you allllllllllll 😘 🙂

My 2015 Book List….!


When someone said that , ‘Books are a man’s best friend’, he or she for sure was not lying. Books, like friends maneuver the steering wheel of our lives and help us explore the better or worse side of self (of course, depending on the kind of book one chooses to befriend!) And that is, when you pick up a book, read it and at the end of ‘knowing each other’, you either feel light, motivated, inspired and happy OR heavy, disgusted, worse, remorseful and sad. Also, the point emerges! You then know better, as to whether the book that you have chosen (or has chosen you!) is your friend or not!
Well, books that communicate with anyone and everyone and state in simple words with no outflow of vocabulary and emotions, a good message which otherwise may not be understood well by a common man definitely get me hooked to reading them. I am just like that…Some of my best friends are books. I love books. 🙂

The worth of a book is to be measured by what you can carry away from it. ~James Bryce

A good book is like a fine companion who pours its treasures and lightens your days, strengthens your heart and inspires you to grow! 🙂
Well, It’s raining here and very cold today. The weather is just so beautiful here, I sit inside my room…sipping my perfect hot coffee (I cannot live without coffee) and listening to “Sooraj Dooba Hai Yaaron” from the bollywood movie ROY (I love Ranbir Kapoor 😀 😘 💕 💓 🙂 😀 ) and then suddenly I thought that I have to share my 2015 book list with you guys….So here are some books I want to read in this year:-

1. Because life is a Gift- Disha Chhabra

2. The Fault in our Stars- John Green

3. Half Girlfriend- Chetan Bhagat

4. The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari- Robin Sharma

5. P.S. I Love You- Cecelia Ahern

6. The Diary of a Young Girl- Anne Frank

7. Tea for Two and A Piece of Cake- Preeti Shenoy

8. Wings of Fire- A.P.J. Abdul Kalam

9. Like it happened Yesterday- Ravinder Singh

10. The Secret Wish List- Preeti Shenoy


Happy New Year once again guys 🙂 Much love 💕 Happy Reading…..!!!!!! 🙂

Just Little Things!

Sometimes life is so harder because some people around you made it that way, for the reason we sometimes didn’t know or maybe just to hurt others. Everyone wants to know why difficult and sometimes horrible things happen to us or to those we love and even to strangers. Most of the time people who have done crazy things on another people get the best of what they want. We often think that this life has so much unfairness. Good people get sick and die young, Bad people lives longer and seems to be pretty much in good shape. There are people who are starving and begging for food, while the government is doing nothing. Their only concern is to get rich and gain more power over people. The rich became richer and the poor became poorer…Sad but True!

Let me tell you a story, Its a long story but I’ll tell you in short 😛 ….. When I was in school, I had a best friend (I used to think she’s my bestfriend, But I was wrong.) She dumped me. I really loved her like a sister, She called me many times a day, texted me almost everyday. She was really really close to me. But…. But… But……. Something happened and I don’t know what, and we became the unusual hi-hello friends. I was so hurt but after sometime I realized that she was never going to change, shut her out of my life completely and moved on. And honestly, most of her friends have left her too & Now we don’t talk anymore.

Now I do not have any contact with her, and I am very very happy in my life without her. 🙂 I have no more feeling for her. She is no longer welcome in my world. Yes I will never forgive her, but the fact is I don’t care about her anymore. I realized that if I continued to have negative feelings toward her, I would be poisoning myself. Now I don’t take it personally when I still hear negative things she has said to mutual friends. I only hope that she finds a way to make her life as positive as possible. One thing I learned in my life is “Just try to put yourself on the situation and face it, have faith in god and everything will be okay.” Be mature and understand life. 🙂

Life is a never-ending game of learning. When something bad happens to you (or when something good doesn’t happen to you), it may not just be something bad happening to you. It might be a chance to learn something new — about yourself, about the life, about the situation, about the person, about someone else’s feelings toward you and etc. When we choose to associate with positive people, we tend to become happier and brighter and enjoy better lives. My current friends are genuinely happy to see me happy. And now I just want to be happy and enjoy my life. 🙂 We all deserve to be happy and We have the power to make it happen. So if you want to be happy in life, just think positive and be grateful for what you already have. 🙂

You know, It is much easier to blame god for all your problems than blame yourself. People often look for external sources to blame for their situation because they don’t want to accept any responsibility for their actions which is immature. But don’t blame god for your life. Blame yourself. You are in the drivers seat of your life. You can choose to put the car on self drive and let it take you anywhere the wind blows or you can take the steering wheel and choose your own direction in life. That is one of the things that make us humans. The ability to choose our fate. Sometimes life is unfair, but God will never be unfair. So just be happy and Enjoy your life! 🙂