Sometimes you just have to smile.

Hello Readers, Hope you all are fine. 🙂

“A fake smile can hide millions of tears.” Well I totally agree!


I saw this pic some days ago….it is too deep, isn’t it???  Sometimes you just have to smile and pretend everything’s okay! …In life we meet lots of people who appear all happy and smiling, but the fact is we don’t know the reality behind those smiles. Happiness and smile can be a lie, just to make ourselves feel better or to make others fool.
So, don’t go by smile people wear everyday. We don’t know their pain, their reality, their story. 🙂

smile 2

Love you Mom :-) …..A HEART MELTING STORY!


A Woman was admitted in a hospital as she was suffering from Brain Tumor. Her son & relatives were around her. She died within a few Hours.

Her son cried the whole day & became ill. He returned home the next day & found a letter on the table besides his mothers bed. Surprisingly it also had a few tablets.

His hands trembled as he read the letter…….

“TAKE THESE TABLETS DEAR, I know you catch a cold easily after crying….LOVE MUM”

No matter in what condition mothers are… they always care about their children. 🙂