Happy Women’s Day Beauties :-)


Today is 8th March, International Women’s Day! 🙂 So here’s wishing all the gorgeous ladies a very Happy Women’s Day 🙂 Today is a great day where every woman proud to be a Woman…so it’s my day 😛 😛 and I am proud to be a woman! 🙂 Ladies, let your dreams comes true and come up with colorful lights…..My best wishes to all!!! 😀 Daughters, Sisters, Lovers, Wives and Mothers….the life wouldn’t exist without a WOMEN, no one can make you feel inferior without your consent. Believe yourself. Fight for your right, we have one life. Live it your way! 🙂



You can feel her INNOCENCE in the form of a daughter…
You can feel her CARE in the form of a sister….
You can feel her WARMTH in the form of a friend….
You can feel her PASSION in the form of a beloved….
You can feel her DEDICATION in the form of a wife….
You can feel her DIVINITY in the form of a mother….
You can feel her BLESSING in the form of a grandmother….

Yet she is so TOUGH too…
Her heart is so TENDER…
She is a WOMAN….and she is Life!!! 🙂
To all the wonderful Women, hope you won’t forget how Special You Are! 🙂


And yeah, I saw a very nice video on youtube I am not fully agree with this guy but yes! It made me happy and I liked the message 🙂 (Not All Men Are Dogs)!!!! 😛

And one more thing 😛 Go and wish your mom a Happy Women’s Day and do something special for her today. It’s her day more than it is any one else’s 🙂

Happy Women’s Day! 🙂

Happy Birthday to Me!!!! :-)


Happy Birthday to Me….Happy Birthday to Me…Happy Birthday to me…la la la la laaaaa 😛 hahaha, sorry for being crazy 😛 No no no, today is not my birthday…..Actually, Yesterday was my birthday, yeah! That’s right. and I had a great one. 🙂 Yes! I am officially 22 now 😛 I celebrated with my family, we cut the cake and had so much fun.:-D

My Birthday Cake :)

My Birthday Cake 🙂

Birthday cake and it was yum! :-D

Birthday cake and it was yum! 😀

I’ve been through a lot in my 22 years of life, There were so many ups and downs, smiles and tears. I’ve had some great experiences, some learning experiences and some experiences that has taught me a lot and they’ve made me into who I am today. 🙂

Anyways, a new year, a new beginning, new challenges 🙂 all I want is dear god! please give me the strength to face all the challenges and dear god, you just stay with me forever. 🙂


By the way I got soooooooooo many chocolates 😛 😛


Happy Birthday to Me once again!! 😉 😀

Welcome March :)


It’s finally MARCH here 🙂 the month of Holi (Indian festival), the month of Spiring and the month of Happiness. 😀 This is my favourite month of all 😀 So I welcome March with open arms 🙂 I love this month, March means that summer in India is just around the corner but wait, Its RAINING here 😀 yes! first time in the month of March its raining all over India….Now that’s what we call a Romantic Rainy Month 😛 what say? 😉 I really am loving this beautiful weather, I am loving this first day of March. I am loving this rainy Sunday….. 🙂

pic 1


It’s been raining since morning and am loving it, everything the rain touched seemed rejuvenated….the melody of falling rain drops on the leaves, on the flowers and on the earth had a different attraction and I love this feeling, I love this view, I am just loving this chilly rainy weather..by the way I love the smell of rain. 🙂 …I simply had a great day and it’s still raining outside and now I am just enjoying the weather and eating my onion pakora (bhajiye) with adrak wali chai (ginger tea) 😀 😛 because I am sure, there is nothing better than a cup of tea and pakora when it’s raining outside 😉 😀


Really, it was a fantastic day….I slept 4 hours and still feeling lazy and sleepy:P lol 😛 ..you know, sometimes you gotta leave everything and chillax and just realize that life is still beautiful 🙂 By the way guys, I finished my, oh no no..Chetan Bhagat’s Half Girlfriend (not mine :P) and I will share my review soon! 🙂

Take care..Enjoy Rainy Sunday! 🙂

“Rainy days should be spent at home with a cup of tea and a good book”- Bill Watterson

Happiness is…….

pic 1

Big questions…What is happiness?? It’s a feeling or something else? What makes you happy? Are you happy? …Some people seem to be happy, they just do not think about it….Others make plans and this keeps them occupied/happy and I am not one of them 😛 ….I am a happy person, I don’t need plans to be happy 😛 I love my life and I like to be happy, I like to being myself. 🙂 I believe, If we’re not happy, we can’t be happy with hardly anything. We cannot depend on others to make us happy…We must find hppiness within us, in our heart, in our life.

pic 2

I can’t define happiness in words, it’s a beautiful feeling for me. I actually believe that money does not guarantee happiness, it just makes life easier. Happiness is inside of us, we must live and learn to enjoy every moment of our life…Happiness is in everything you do, and you just have to accept it and believe that you are happy. Just love yourself, love who you are. There are billions people on earth but you are the only ONE….So love yourself and be your biggest fan, admirer and lover. 🙂

pic 3

I love Kareena Kapoor’s dialogue from Jab We Met:- “Main apni favourite hoon.” 😉 (I am my own favourite.) ….so just, be your favourite, be yourself. The best way to be happy is to do what you love and do lots of it. Also have a few really good friends you can laugh, complain, be stupid, be crazy, serious, funny and just be yourself no matter what! 🙂

pic 4

Today morning, when I was smiling, my neighbour saw me and she asked the reason, I just say because I love my life 😛 and I felt so. I think we don’t need reasons to be happy….Right? 🙂 but still if you really need reasons to be happy, so there are so many of them all around you. Starting with being alive, being healthy and etc. 🙂

pic 5

Few things which makes me happy (a short list 😛 )……

1. Being remembered by someone whom you had long forgotten. 🙂
2. Being given cute-sweet-adorable nicknames by friends. (Makes me feel like a child all over again!! 😀 )

3. Hearing you inspire me from someone.

4. Hearing you are a nice person from someone. 🙂

5. A perfect book with perfect coffee 😉

6. Listening to someone’s life story and suddenly feeling proud of where you have reached.

7. Looking back and smiling at all that was for you are thankful it isn’t.

8. Receiving surprise gifts and feeling the sender’s thoughts behind it as you hold the gift in your hands.

9. Trying something “so-unlike-you” and be complimented on it. 🙂

10. Doing what you heart says and feel content.

11. Being able to accept yourself the way you are – with all your perfect imperfections which make you YOU – uniquely YOU. 🙂

12. Falling in love all over again with LIFE, yourself and almost everything around you. ❤

13. Being able to sing after a long bout of cold and sounding wonderful. 😛

14. Spending the whole day looking at old photographs, recalls all the memories and reliving each moment.

15. Listening to a friend giggling like crazy and knowing you are reason behind it.

16. Going to sleep at night and waking up in the morning with a huge smile on your face reminding you how blessed you are! 🙂

In our eternal quest for happiness we forget the most important thing and that is HAPPINESS.

pic 6

I am happy because I love to be happy. I feel happy when I smile, laugh like crazy with my family and friends, see a rainbow, rain, stars, sky, river smell of coffee, a baby’s smile, music, books, chocolates etc. there are so many things around me to fill me up every day. Loving myself and seeing myself happy is one of the greatest feelings ever! 🙂 ❤ Friends just be happy, love your life, love yourself….and never give up, do what you love, good luck! 🙂

pic 7

“Life is funny. Things change, people change, but you will always be you, so stay true to yourself and never sacrifice who you are for anyone.”  🙂

Girls are Special……


A Girl will Smile in Pain and Cry in Joy……

She will give up all her pleasures just for a smile for someone she loves 🙂
She will change 100 dresses and still won’t like any 😛
She will shout like maniacs and then cry like a little kid 😀
She would hug you & forget the World.. 🙂
She would be satisfied by a simple “I’m there..” 🙂

A Girl doesn’t need big things in life, She is happy with the small popcorn at the movie 😀 🙂 …So value the Girls in Your Life, be it your Mother, Sister, Grandmother, Girlfriend, Wife or a Best Friend….She has given her soul for your joy! 🙂

If you are a girl reading this, feel Proud to be one 🙂

And…If you are a Boy, Respect Girls and make them feel Proud!! 🙂

Book Review:- Because Life is a Gift by Disha :-)

pic 1

Hey my Friends 🙂 Hope you all are good! 🙂 I just finished this beautiful book Because Life is a Gift” by Disha Chhabra 🙂 This is the 2nd book of Disha, her first book was “My Beloved’s MBA Plans” ….When I first saw this book on Flipkart, I saw the title and I just smiled. 🙂 The title really says everything “Life is a Gift”. So I just ordered it on Flipkart and got it in next few days, then I began to read it. 🙂

pic 2

Because Life is a Gift written by Disha is real-life success stories of fifteen differently-abled people, it is a tribute to their courage, passion and zest for life of men and women. They are all different but with a single common thing that is the love of life. 🙂 They will challenge your notion of the impossible. They will inspire you to live life to the fullest, because life is truly a gift. The book is not just about the people but it’s all about the Life. 🙂

pic 4

Really, It is one of the best books I’ve ever read. 🙂 I loved the book because it has stories that inspire. All the 15 stories are very inspirational….I would say, its not just a book, it’s a journey. The people in this book are simply Amazing. They had different abilities, they used it and succeeded. Guys, I would not say much about this book because I really feel you should read this book to understand what the lives of these people are all about and what the author is trying to say…and if the stories of these people touch your heart then write an email to them, because the best part of this book is in this book Disha has given e-mail IDs of all the people towards the end of each chapter which I feel was an great thought. 🙂

pic 3

The words of this book are emotional but inspiring and motivating. You can read this book in just one sitting. Its a very well written book, it’ll definitely inspire you. I loved the writing skills of Disha. She is an amazing writer. 🙂 I want to salute her and thank her for writing such a book. 🙂 It completely changes the way of how you look differently-abled people…whenever we see such people, we feel sympathy for them….but we should understand that they don’t want our sympathy, they just want love and encouragement. I don’t think sympathy is the right word. Many people with disabilities don’t want people to have pity for them. They just want some respect and love and we should respect them, we should love them, that’s all. 🙂

pic 5

All in all I would say it is a beautiful book, It is truly inspirational and everyone should read it. 🙂 Disha is a fab writer and I am already looking forward to her next book! 😀 🙂

My Rating:-
No Doubt, with a *Bigggggg Smile*… 5/5 🙂

Author Disha Chhabra :-)

Author Disha Chhabra 🙂


Hope, you liked my review..Pls share your comments…Take care….Happy reading! 🙂

Sometimes you just have to smile.

Hello Readers, Hope you all are fine. 🙂

“A fake smile can hide millions of tears.” Well I totally agree!


I saw this pic some days ago….it is too deep, isn’t it???  Sometimes you just have to smile and pretend everything’s okay! …In life we meet lots of people who appear all happy and smiling, but the fact is we don’t know the reality behind those smiles. Happiness and smile can be a lie, just to make ourselves feel better or to make others fool.
So, don’t go by smile people wear everyday. We don’t know their pain, their reality, their story. 🙂

smile 2

I am just a Normal Girl!


I am just a normal girl… 🙂
I am not saying I am the best. I am just different.
I don’t fit in any mould set by my peers.
I am my own story. I don’t follow a book of do’s and don’ts.
I laugh when I want to laugh and I cry when I feel like crying.
I don’t wear my heart on my sleeve because I take relationships seriously. I don’t believe in casual love affairs.
I don’t dress to please men, but because I love to wear what I feel comfortable in.

So unless you are in my shoes don’t make assumptions about me and don’t judge me by what you see….I know what I want, I know what I need, I know what I want for my future. 🙂

I am just a normal girl…And I am Proud of who I Am! 🙂


Just want to share my happiness :-D

Hey Everyone! 🙂 Happy new year once again 🙂 I hope everyone had a great time! 😀 ….Today I just want to share my happiness with you all 🙂 I had a wonderful new year’s eve with my family 😀 We cut the cake and celebrated a lot!!! It was soooooo nice 🙂 I enjoyed a lotttttttt 😀


Sorry the “NEW” is missing 😛 but anyways the cake was soooooo delicious 😛 Just YUM 😀


And I got my Ferrero Rocher 😀 #MyFavouriteChocolates 😛
Really it was fun! 🙂

Take care friends 🙂 Have a great 2015 🙂 Love you allllllllllll 😘 🙂