National Girl Child Day…. #SaveTheGirlChild


Today is National Girl Child Day in India. Its time to end female foeticide and keep Indian Girls alive… National Girl Child Day is about a dream of possibility to raise public awareness against female children in India. Please Save the Girl Child, Don’t kill Her.


It is a shame that people want a girlfriend, wife and mother but don’t want a girl child. I don’t understand why they would kill a girl child? 😦 This question has always been in my head. It is only a woman who gives birth to a male child. And some women are instrumental too in killing the girl child. If a woman does this, how we expect a man to act otherwise???? So I wish this does not happen.

Please please pleaseeee please save the girl child. They are the one who makes you reach cloud nine. I read somewhere, Girl child is not equal to “TENSION” Even she is equal to “TEN SONS” 🙂 ….Really, girls are Angels, They are the precious Gift of god…Respect her, Love her! 🙂