Just Little Things!

Sometimes life is so harder because some people around you made it that way, for the reason we sometimes didn’t know or maybe just to hurt others. Everyone wants to know why difficult and sometimes horrible things happen to us or to those we love and even to strangers. Most of the time people who have done crazy things on another people get the best of what they want. We often think that this life has so much unfairness. Good people get sick and die young, Bad people lives longer and seems to be pretty much in good shape. There are people who are starving and begging for food, while the government is doing nothing. Their only concern is to get rich and gain more power over people. The rich became richer and the poor became poorer…Sad but True!

Let me tell you a story, Its a long story but I’ll tell you in short 😛 ….. When I was in school, I had a best friend (I used to think she’s my bestfriend, But I was wrong.) She dumped me. I really loved her like a sister, She called me many times a day, texted me almost everyday. She was really really close to me. But…. But… But……. Something happened and I don’t know what, and we became the unusual hi-hello friends. I was so hurt but after sometime I realized that she was never going to change, shut her out of my life completely and moved on. And honestly, most of her friends have left her too & Now we don’t talk anymore.

Now I do not have any contact with her, and I am very very happy in my life without her. 🙂 I have no more feeling for her. She is no longer welcome in my world. Yes I will never forgive her, but the fact is I don’t care about her anymore. I realized that if I continued to have negative feelings toward her, I would be poisoning myself. Now I don’t take it personally when I still hear negative things she has said to mutual friends. I only hope that she finds a way to make her life as positive as possible. One thing I learned in my life is “Just try to put yourself on the situation and face it, have faith in god and everything will be okay.” Be mature and understand life. 🙂

Life is a never-ending game of learning. When something bad happens to you (or when something good doesn’t happen to you), it may not just be something bad happening to you. It might be a chance to learn something new — about yourself, about the life, about the situation, about the person, about someone else’s feelings toward you and etc. When we choose to associate with positive people, we tend to become happier and brighter and enjoy better lives. My current friends are genuinely happy to see me happy. And now I just want to be happy and enjoy my life. 🙂 We all deserve to be happy and We have the power to make it happen. So if you want to be happy in life, just think positive and be grateful for what you already have. 🙂

You know, It is much easier to blame god for all your problems than blame yourself. People often look for external sources to blame for their situation because they don’t want to accept any responsibility for their actions which is immature. But don’t blame god for your life. Blame yourself. You are in the drivers seat of your life. You can choose to put the car on self drive and let it take you anywhere the wind blows or you can take the steering wheel and choose your own direction in life. That is one of the things that make us humans. The ability to choose our fate. Sometimes life is unfair, but God will never be unfair. So just be happy and Enjoy your life! 🙂

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