Hey Friends! :-)

Hey! How are you friends? 🙂 I know, Its been a long looong long time since I’ve posted any updates and a LOT has happened!
Where to start???? Well actually I was very busy in study and other stuff, my 2 cousin’s wedding is coming up in 2015 so was really busy in shoppings and still very busy. You know, Indian weddings are crazy time, there are so many works, hungama, masti in indian weddings. Yes I like this wedding season but not much….let’s see what will happen. 😀

Okay so that’s enough for now, I will share my next post very soon 🙂 Hey one minutes, actually I want to share something with you friends, I saw a beautiful video on youtube few days back and I must say I really really loveeeeeeed it…. Its such a beautiful and touching video.. Please watch and practice! I’m sure our world will be a better place if we all keep these small things in mind…No words to explain the beauty of this message…The joy my heart felt inspired me to share it with all of you in hopes that you too will share it with all your friends. When we bring light into the world, darkness can never stay around. 🙂 So please watch and share this video….

Stay happy & take care…Much love! 🙂

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