Life is what you make it

Life is what you make it

Heya guys! 🙂 Hope you are all fine. 🙂 Finally I read Preeti Shenoy’s “LIFE IS WHAT YOU MAKE IT” 🙂 And today I am going to write a review on it.
The book title “Life is what you make it” does not connect with the book contents. One would expect that this is about taking life as it comes, managing tough spots and so on – instead this is a like a fictional story. If you are thinking that this is an inspirational book, that can get you out of your lows and that lays road to your goals, DO NOT look at this, Anyways I bought this book after reading so many good reviews, But I must say, I was little disappointed after reading it.


It is a fiction story written by Preeti Shenoy. Basically the story is about only one topic that is Bipolar Disorder – A mental disorder marked by alternating periods of depression.” The story begins as a flashback. The story is about “Ankita Sharma” a young, intelligent, promising 21 year old management student and a beautiful girl with so many hopes and dreams. 6 months later, she found herself admitted at the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) being treated for bipolar disorder. In the beginning Ankita was like just another girl living in a conservative family of Cochin (Karela). Ankita had a boyfriend named Vaibhav who got admission in IIT Delhi, We’re shown letters that Ankita sends to Vaibhav and Vaibhav’s reply. She was smart and pretty, guys easily fell in love with her. She was the art club secretary in her reputed St.Agnes college.
She used to visit the cultural fests between different colleges and that’s where she met Abhi. As Vaibhav and Ankita are in long distance relationship, Ankita easily gets closer to Abhi and Vaibhav is unaware of all these things.

Later Ankita has to break-up with Abhi. Ankita takes it too practically but Abhi takes it too emotionally causing an accident death of Abhi in distress. Later in a new city Mumbai, Ankita moves on and focuses on her studies. She tops her class in all the exams but there’s something wrong in her life, a sentence said by Abhi’s grandfather “Never belittle love” still makes her feel guilty. The death of Abhi affects her so much and so that she transitions to the high state of bipolar disorder, reaches the pinnacle of her personality and then descends into depression with two attempts at suicide. She loses all her senses. She is not able to write or read. She breaks completely. After the regular attempts of suicide, she has been moved to mental hospital where she met Dr. Madhusudhan. Her experiences in NMHI along with her interactions with Dr. Madhusudan that how he helped her through her treatment was really touching. The second half of the novel describes her fight with her disorder, And after sometimes Ankita recovered, she becomes normal, she drops MBA and confess everything to Vaibhav and suddenly THE END!


Overall, It is a time pass novel, I didn’t find it ‘Inspirational’. All other characters of the story is okay (not so good). I liked the character of Abhi the most. I would say that the writing style of Preeti Shenoy is good. I think this is a one-time read. I don’t say it is a bad book, but it is not so good one. It’s confusing why it is titled “Life is what you make it”. The topic or message of Bipolar Disorder is good, ainfact its really great. It’s a really nice message, I agree, but the story doesn’t bring it out like it needs to. The only positive point is the price of book. I hope next book from the author should be worth reading. Read it if you’re totally free and have nothing useful to do.


My Rating:- 3/5


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