Recipe:- Rice Kheer (Rice Pudding)

OMG! I can’t believe my most most mosttttttttt favourite festival DIWALI is just around the corner… Yippie! 😀 I am soooooo happy and really I am very excited I cannot believe how time goes so fast and here’s another Diwali again. 🙂 Diwali is probably my favourite time of the year and It is very important & biggest festival for me….I just love love loveeeeeee Diwali season 🙂 Diwali also called Deepavali or the “Festival of Lights” is one of the most popular Hindu festival. It is celebrated by Hindus all round the world. Diwali is the festival of light, crackers, sweets and celebration & no celebration or festival is complete without “SWEETS” right, no? 😉 ….And the one dish that is very special for everyone is ‘Rice Kheer’ (Chaval ki Kheer or Rice Pudding).
Rice Kheer is very easy to cook and tasty Indian dessert made up of rice, milk and various kinds of dry fruits. It is one of the most popular Indian desserts.
Today in my post I am going to share with you my simple and easy Rice Kheer Recipe. As Diwali is just few days away, so On this Diwali I am sharing with you a lovey sweet dish and my favourite also 😀 which you can enjoy with your family and friends. I am very happy to share my first post on recipes…really trust me, Its a very tasty, simple to make & lovely dessert. 🙂

Rice kheer is also known as “Rice Pudding”. Rice Kheer is a traditional and very popular sweet dish of India (especially of North India) Made with milk, rice and sugar it is a complete meal in itself. I love kheer, it is one of my favourite sweet dishes. When I was little I was fond of kheer, My mom used to make it quite often. Now here I am going to share my mom’s Kheer Recipe. 🙂

Made by me :-)

Made by me 🙂

Ingredients :-
1 litre milk.
¼ cup rice.
5 to 6 tbsp sugar or as required.
3 green cardamoms/hari elaichi powdered.
15-20 chopped almonds/badam.
12-15 chopped cashews/kaju.
1 tbsp raisins/kishmish.
10-12 Chironji.


Rinse & soak rice for 30 mins.
• Heat milk in a wide pan and let it come to a boil.
• Now drain the rice and add it to the simmering milk.

• Now keep stirring the milk for few minutes and make sure it does not burn at the bottom.

Cook till it is of desired thickness and add the cardamom powder and stir.
Once it reaches the desired thickness, add in the Sugar and the Dry fruits (almonds, chopped cashews, raisins, chironji) .
When the rice has cooked completely and the kheer has thickened to the desired consistency, switch off the fire.
Now pour the rice kheer in a serving bowl.

The Rice Kheer is ready! you can serve the rice kheer, hot or warm or chilled. If you want to serve it cold, keep it in fridge for 2-3 hours. I personally like cold kheer. 🙂

If kheer is served chilled, keep it a little sweeter because cold kheer tastes less sweet than hot kheer.

Enjoy 🙂

Wishing all my readers and friends a happy, prosperous and safe Diwali…May this Deepavali bring joy, health, happiness, prosperity and peace to your lives..Be happy, Be safe….Happy Diwali to you all!!! 🙂

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