CAN LOVE HAPPEN TWICE is a sequel to the ‘I Too Had a Love Story‘. It is the story of Ravinder Singh’s second attempt at love with an Indian girl, he finds in Belgium. I had read ‘I too had a love story’ earlier and I loved the honest and touching way he (Ravinder) had written the book. When I read the last few lines of the book, which says “Because to think of another girl, I feel like a whore, I silently say to the emptiness around me” that time I really thought that’s a true love, But when I heard Ravindra’s book title ‘Can love happen twice?’ and it is a sequel to “I too had a love story”, seriously I was lil bit angry and confused. I wondered how could he do this to Khushi, to himself, who loved her so much and brought her back alive by writting a book in her memory????
I wanted to read it, So finally after reading ITHALS, I ordered Ravindra’s 2nd book “Can Love Happen Twice?” I ordered it on Flipkart & after 3-4 days received it and then I began to read it.

On the evening of 14th feb, valentine’s day, Ravin and his thee best friends are invited for a radio show in Chandigarh, ‘Raat gayi, baat baki’. Ravin was supposed to talk about his bestselling book ‘I too had a love Story’ and life after that. But only his three friends could turned up. With the show going forward, they revealed where Ravin is actually now. This brings the curiosity what situation made those happen in his life. With the curiosity on peak, one of his friends start reading his written diary as collection of happening of his life in Belgium, narrating the story live in one of Chandigarh’s Fm.

The first few chapters were very boring and sometimes I really wanted to flip the book straight to the end to find out how it turned out, But I didn’t! Honestly speaking, ravin falling in love with Simar didn’t create much impact. The character of Simar is really irritating. I really didn’t like Simar’s character from the start, maybe because I loved khushi’s character more and during the talk about marriage with Simar’s father I think we could guess what was coming next. It made me hate simar even more, while reading about her insecurities which she hadn’t mentioned earlier in their relationship & when they breakup and she says “Im sorry ravs” I really hate it. Inshort I loved “I too had a love story” but I do not think I loved “Can love happen twice?”
But but but… for the main question “CAN LOVE HAPPEN TWICE?” In the book we see Ravin saying to MP that “TRUE LOVE CAN NEVER COME TO A PERSON THE SECOND TIME” there’s your answer…..!

But as for my opinion………..

“Love can happen many times, but TRUE LOVE can happen only once!!!!!! ” 🙂


Well I didn’t hate reading This book, I didn’t love reading it, like I did for “I Too Had A Love Story”. Overall a boring book, This book is a time-pass read. I would say I am little disappointed. Guys just read it if you want to know what happened to Ravin but please do not keep your expectations very high with this book.
Ravinder Singh

My Rating:- 2.5/5


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